WE are family…

We are a small family run catering company based in south staffordshire and have been catering for clients of Hargate hall for around 8 years. We find Hargate Hall to be a very relaxed venue for catering as guests are always pretty laid back not having to dash from one venue to the next to the next as all is done in house.

We are essentially a team of 3 that can easily cater for 80 people and we have hospitality experienced friends that can be hired in if your party is larger and we need more help.

Please note: We only provide catering in the marquee.







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Why choose us?

We appreciate the benefits of eating healthily and so this is why we only choose the best quality ingredients we can find and make everything ourselves by hand so quality and freshness is guaranteed! 

We are just as passionate about giving a helpful and friendly professional service too!

If you choose us for your wedding catering at Hargate Hall we will be happy to provide you with a tasting session in your home for the minimum price of £170.00 depending on your choice of samples. A tasting isn’t essential but if you prefer piece of mind that our food is as good as we think it is then you decide. 


Mike Whitehurst ( chef and owner )

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Sharing food…

…is a great way of getting everyone interacting at the table offering choice to please almost everyone. If you need anything specific to fulfil a dietary requirement we will  have options for you to share with your guests.


serving your guests a few nibbles on their arrival to the marquee